Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio


Recent Photos


  • Graphics for the 2010 Saudi Football awards event (Sport Channel).
  • Award winning Graphics for the First Islamic broadcast Games in Saudi Arabia - 2005.


Many Storyboards for TV commercials that hit the screen in Algeria:
  • Global vision: Candia (milk), Mahboul (snacks),
  • Mc Caan: sim (Macaroni),
  • DDB: Isis (soap),
  • Timgad prod: ketchup,
  • Lotus: Jumbo (cubes),
  • café selection
  • Transworld Publicity.LTD: (Saudi Arabia), many Storyboards for Commercials and educational programs.
Storyborder for the first Saudi motion picture "Shadow of Silence" by Saudi director Mr. Abdallah Al Muheisen. 2005. It consists of over 1400 pages of translated scenario language into cinema shots.


  •  I have participated in the 2nd “Biennale du Design” in Saint Etienne, France in 2005. I presented my "Zeppelin Lamp" (pics).
  • Designed many interiors for boutiques, coffee shops, residences..(Details in Photos)

  • Create original furniture design.